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To Whom It May Concern,

Kathryn Giess has been my Wedding Planner for my wedding just gone. She organised everything from the very beginning right until the end.

including the following:

Church bookings, Flower and Cake arrangements, Bridal attire, Bridesmaid Attire, invitations, guest list and all facets in between. She has a unique and creative way of making someone's day very special and she puts a great deal of care and attention into everything that she does. At all times I found her to be a very pleasant person to work alongside with.

I would recommend her for any position where she is able to utilise her artistic & creativity skills. Yours Faithfully

Kelly Loulias (2012)

 Kat was lovely and very accommodating with my hire, would definitely recommend her services 😊 

Gemma Jones (2019)

Would like to thank Kathryn Giess, I first met Kathryn way back early in the organising stage even though I did all the work myself Kathryn was there with ideas and other suggestions whenever I needed her. She was awesome with the whole wedding helping when asked and sending ideas via email or text, just the way I wanted. If I was to plan again, I would give her complete control as she is so caring in her job.

Jennifer Mc Bride (2013)

 Has so much planning information, so helpful for a person who doesn’t know where to start. Also great at communicating and always quick to respond. 

Maddison Taylor (2019)

Kat was so lovely to deal with and went above and beyond to help me out for my wedding! I would definitely go through her again if needed.

Nicole Adams (2019)

Thank you so much for helping us with ceremony set up yesterday!! It was just as we wanted, and it was lovely to not only have a planner but a lovely friend of ours to help.

Jennifer Weier (2014)

Kat is very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you when planning a wedding. She has great creativity and high attention to detail when planning a wedding. I would highly recommend Kat for any bride and groom that need help in planning a wedding.

Courteney Rosenfeld (2019)

Kat was lovely, it was an easy exchange & she was very informative. The table skirting was nice & clean and fit perfectly. I would definitely go through her again!

Joy Hogan (2018)

stories from a wedding planner

On the day disaster

Flower girl less than 2 hours to go till the wedding hair and makeup was done mucks around on the floor, gets up must have been allergic to dust mites in the carpet gets up in hives.

So I thought what do I do, put her in a cold bath and the only soothing item I had in my pack was hand sanitiser. And magic the hives went down within 20mins afterwards and she was clear of them before the wedding started. (Great Save)

Wrong Colour ties Emergency

Even with giving the boys a colour swatch sometimes they still can be colour blind and can get the wrong colour which was more a blue then light purple so this was an after-hours late trip to the shops to pick out a new colour the night before.  And it was only bought out to our attention by one of the boys in the bridal party who knew it was important to have the correct colour.

Avoiding a Photography disaster

One my clients had a broken mobile on the week before the wedding and she had informed most vendors and suppliers to contact my phone, instead but I urged her to check her emails three days out and luckily we had picked up that she had failed to pay the final deposit on the gardens she had booked. the email said if it is not paid today it will be cancelled so I jumped into action and fixed it up with credit card and I was repaid the next day by my client. ALWAYS ALLOW EXTRA CASH ON THE LAST WEEK FOR LAST MINUTE EMERGENCIES.

Balloons end up in the tree

A balloon ceremony is great until it is a windy day and the balloons after everyone has written on them are supposed to take off in the air, but ended up in a tree just near the ceremony area .


I had a phone call from a bride who had booked everything already less than 3 months before but had no venue, and no celebrant, had to try and find a venue at late notice on the gold coast for 80 guests, and low budget managed to pull it off in a bowls club, thank goodness.